More Connection Is Closer Than You Think

i get it...finding time for true connection is hard

I'm gonna make an educated guess: You clicked on the ad because you not feeling as connected to your partner as you'd like to. You're probably not even with him (or her) right now. Your partner may not even know that you're feeling lonely, left-out, and maybe even lazy.

What if there was an easy way to achieve greater connection without having to do a ton of work? What if you could make just a few small changes that helped you feel more alive, awake, and aware?

I'm convinced there is. And that you can. I've worked with hundreds of clients, poured over reams of research, and even experienced change in my own marriage time and time again.


Imagine making just this one small change ... you're going to decide to surprise your partner today in a loving way. You're going to spend less than $5 and less than 5 minutes.

Could be an unexpected text. Or his favorite candy bar for no reason. Could be playing a song from when you were dating. Or rubbing her hair while watching TV.

One of the biggest obstacles to connection is "time". That's why I think the weekend is the easiest and best way to kick-start a new habit. Ideally, you have 48ish hours to devote to one another.

We've come up with a way for you to re-claim your time to re-establish your intimacy. We call it the S.P.A.R.K method and we've created an eBook called How to Win the Weekend, to show you exactly how put a little spark back into the relationship and feel more connected on Sunday night than you did on Friday afternoon.

(See what we did there?)

Can you guess what "S" stands for? What if I told you it was SEX? (It's not.) That'd be kind-of obnoxious, I think. "S" is about sharing expectations and setting yourself up for success. It's really the first step in any relationship process.

So much pain and sadness can be avoided when we articulate expectations and strive to meet them with honesty and integrity. That's where we're going to start S.P.A.R.K.

To find out more about how to guarantee greater connection over the weekend, CLICK HERE.