[Necessary Evils] are causing you to feel [Emotions X, Y, Z], it’s not your fault 3. The Promise I will show you how this [New Solution] fixes the flaw / gap in the [Gospel Truth] method so you can finally get to the [Promised Land], without [Necessary Evils] 4. Introduce Yourself My name’s X. I [was part of Choir], and tried [Gospel Truth], but it didn’t get me to [Promised Land]. Here’s the story of how I discovered [New Solution] that let me finally reach [Promised Land], without [Necessary Evils] 5. Hero’s Journey Pt 1: How you went from bad to worse to worst in pursuit of Promised Land Pt 2: How you discovered the New Solution Pt 3: How the New Solution took you to the Promised Land © THIRD WAY MAN 6. Why Sharing After my experience, I decided to share [New Solution] because [Service Vision] 7. Intro Product So now I’d like to introduce you to [Product Name], a [Format] I put together to show you exactly how to [reach the Promised Land] by using [the New Solution] 8. Bullet Points Learn Bullets: Learn / Discover specific solution feature, so you can experience specific, visceral benefit (aspect of Promised Land) Mechanism Bullets: How mechanized aspect of solution gives you specific, visceral benefit (aspect of Promised Land) 9. Imagine Imagine how [being in Promised Land] will impact Power, Prestige, Performance 10. Price How much would all that be worth to you? [Credible high number attached to benchmark]? [Product name] can give you that without [Necessary Evils], and because of [Service Vision], I’m going to give it to you today for just $X 11. Guarantee If [Product] doesn’t [get you to Promised Land] in X days, OR if you don’t like it for any reason, just let us know within X days and we’ll issue you a prompt, no fuss refund © THIRD WAY MAN 12. Call To Action Due to [legit scarcity / urgency], this offer won’t be around forever, so if you want [to get to the Promised Land] without [Necessary Evils], using the power of [New Solution], click on the button below to grab your copy of [Product] now 13. Objection Counter If you’re thinking / feeling [Emotion] because of [Objection], I understand, and [Validating counter] 14. Close Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the next page. [Sign Off]. P.S. [Recap the product, the promise, the price, and the guarantee. End with link to order page]